Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Young Women Writers Project

The Carnegie Center was thrilled to welcome the Young Women Writers Project for their second meeting last Saturday. These amazing ladies (9-12th grade) were selected from many applicants to the program. For five weeks, they meet with writing mentors and instructors, each from different genres, to workshop and create amazing pieces.

Here's a sampling from a fiction piece by two-time YWWP member, Tess Simon.

Memories of Rain

My grandfather used to be an antelope. His spent his life before that as a jaguar. And before that as a horse. Once he was a performing monkey for a magician who worked on the dirty streets of London. Once a camel who carried sheiks through the hot desert sand. He says he’s always been a fly on the wall.

I wish I had a list of all the things my grandfather had ever said to me. “The inside of a snowflake has enough love to end all wars, if only we knew how to unleash it.” “Anytime your heart skips and beat, and your chest gets tight, and you feel faint, you know an angel just came down from Heaven to kiss you on the forehead.” “The pot at the end of the rainbow doesn’t hold gold and isn’t guarded by a leprechaun. Instead, it contains pure happiness, and the reason no one’s found it yet is because we’re all scared.”

I look at him on the cold hospital bed, fluffs of white hair matted with sweat and grease. I pick up the sponge next to the sink and dab his forehead with water to cool the fever that turns his cheeks red and makes him cry out in his sleep.

To hear more of the YWWP pieces, please join us in April for a public reading. Stay tuned for details!

Hope you feel inspired...Happy Writing!


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