Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eleventh Annual Legacies Contest: Winners and Finalists Announced

Thank you more than fifty people (!) who attended last nights Legacies Reading. What an amazing collection of writers and stories! Thanks to those who shared their stories and to those that came in support of this talented group.

Here are the results:

First prize and winner of the Carole Pettit Medallion:
Bruce Florence, Cynthiana

Second prize
: Hal Ackerman, Los Angeles, California

Other Finalists
Flo Brumley
, Versailles

Carolyn Davis
, Marshall, North Carolina

Marge Fulton
, Hazard

Joe Hall
, Lexington

Edward A. Marheine
, Lexington

Michael Allyn McCormick, Portland, Oregon

Thomas F. Miller, Berea
Susan Owens
, Lexington

Peggy Park
, Lexington

Karen Phillips
, Flintstone, Georgia

Gladys Pramuk
, Lexington

Maggie Wise Riley, Louisville
Lee Ann Rohrer
, Lexington

Robert Ross,
Altamonte Springs, Florida

David Snell, Paris
Mary Fran Soulis
, Lexington

Charles Edward White
, Lexington

Stay tuned for future Carnegie Center contests! Keep writing!


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Anonymous said...

The Legacies evening was great fun for me! I hope we can meet again. Good luck to everyone with their writing and the other facets of their lives!