Wednesday, March 5, 2008

List of Needs for the New Family Learning Center

Want to make a donation to the Carnegie Center? Think about donating some of these much needed items for our new Family Learning Center, which is the new home of our after school tutoring program (grades K-12). Our tutoring program has grown significantly (100 pairs meeting each week!), so a larger space was needed. Now we need the pieces to fill it, and make it the a wonderful place for our students to learn!

Here's what is needed:

1. Book Shelves/Book Cases
-one about 87”wide x 34” (max.) high
-one 34” (max.) wide x 72” tall
-a light, faux-wood finish is appreciated (to match existing shelves) but not necessary!

2. Rug
-3.5 yd x 4 yd
-muted children’s colors appreciated but not necessary. It could be a finished carpet remnant rather than an official rug. It is for the sitting corner, where tutoring pairs will be able to sit and read comfortably beneath the shade of a large potted tree.

3. Coffee Table
-something super-solid!

4. End Tables
-super-solid, 2-3 would be welcome

5. MS Office software

6. Children and Young Adult Books, as always!
-Especially 2-3rd grade nonfiction!

If you are interested in donating any of these items, feel free to contact Becky Plas (tutoring coordinator) or Laura Whitaker (volunteer coordinator) at our main number (859.254.4175) or by email.

Thanks for all that you do to make the Carnegie Center a special place!


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