Monday, September 15, 2008

Kentucky Women Writer's Conference

The Carnegie Center was pleased, as always, to be the host site for Saturday's Kentucky Women Writer's Conference events. It was wonderful and exciting to have in our building Joyce Carol Oates, Lisa Willimas, Crystal Wilkinson, Ginger Strand, Debra Marquart, Malin Alegria, Laura Benedict, Kim Osorio, Jennifer Sahn, Patrice Muhammed, Carnegie Center's Young Women Writers Project group and Cincinnati's Young Women Writing for (a) Change.

Here's a photo recap of the event:

It was a packed house. We love when the building is bustling!

Over 100 people attended the readings and panel discussions.

Everyone was so excited to have Joyce Carol Oates here.
She was happy to sign books and meet her eager fans.

Thanks to everyone for their help on Saturday.

Hope to see you all this week for the New Books by Great Writers kickoff!


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