Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Carnegie Center Poem

Hi all! A wonderful, little poem about the Carnegie Center was found on a whiteboard in the Shakespeare cafe. We thought that we would share it with you!


Still lifes in the kitchen
toaster oven on a file cabinet
"Please recycle" splashed with water
taped beneath the sink

Burn on the counter
Cafe tables on the carpet
dry erase board on an easel
track lighting casting brightness, creating shadows

I could live in this room
Frigidaire full of ideas
folders filed with notes
Red and blue markers for poems
coffee burning the roof of my mouth
tongue fingering exposed skin
Matisse scolding for drinking too fast

Yet there are more rooms
paneled and cushioned
papered with books and announcements
floors reaching up
to be lifted and held
to be sung to and danced with
and tossed in the air

I could live in this building
with voices on pages
and children in hallways
with color on walls
and hardwood floors echoing
where lyrics are laughed
and silence is chord.


Thank you to the anonymous poet who brightened our snowy Wednesday! Stop by our building---you too may be inspired!


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