Friday, February 29, 2008

A Seusstastical Day: Dr. Seuss's Birthday on Sunday

Sunday marks the 104th birthday of Dr. Seuss, beloved children's author (but, of course, who doesn't still love it all?). Across the country, bookstores will be celebrating on March 2nd honoring the wealth of books that we still find so inspiring and enchanting.

Next week, in honor of the occasion, the Carnegie Center will have Dr. Seuss inspired crafts to pick up, as well as lots of Dr. Seuss books that can be read within the building. Be sure to check it out!

In honor of my personal favorite Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hears a Who, I'd like to impart my FAVORITE lines from his work (the following is a truly wonderful Seuss-ism):

IflI put this speck down?..." Horton thought with alarm. "If I do, these small persons may come to great harm. I can't, put it down. And I won't! After all A person's a person. No matter how small."

Happy Friday!


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Jennifer Mattox said...

One of my all-time favorite books is Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. My preschooler also loves that book and when I want him to try new foods, I often quote passages from the book to inspire him to eat. "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am..." but then he tries them and says, "Say! I like green eggs and ham. I do! I like them, Sam I am!" It works!