Monday, July 28, 2008

Brown Street Press

Saturday's seminar, "The Publisher's Perspective" was led by Brown Street Press, an independent publishing company. Here are their submission guidelines if you are interested in publishing:

Brown Street Press publishes fiction and nonfiction from a variety of genres and subject matter topics. To Submit a Query authors should submit a properly formatted query by email to Queries that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted without being read. Queries are accepted through email ONLY and should include the following:
Due to the amount of SPAM we receive, your subject line should contain the words "Book Query" or the email will be automatically deleted without being read.

Include a brief paragraph about the writer listing any previous publishing credentials. Previous publication is not a requirement. Nonfiction authors should describe their credentials or experience they possess that qualifies them as an expert in the subject matter.

List the book's genre, sub-genre, and commercially published with themes or subjects similar to the work you are proposing. Describe the target audience.

Include a short (up to one page) synopsis of the book you would like to have considered.
Word count for the completed manuscript.

Queries for fiction should only be submitted after the manuscript is fully written.
Provide your complete daytime contact information including your name, e-mail, mail address, and a daytime telephone number where you can be reached.

Brown Street
Press editors review queries on a regular basis. If they are interested, they will contact you via e-mail with additional instructions. Please do not send follow up emails.

Happy Writing!


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