Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Camp Carnegie Update

Here's some of the exciting events from this week's Camp Carnegie camps:

From Jazz to Hip-Hop: Exploring Dance, Rhythm and Song

Did you know that the popular music and dances we enjoy today have their roots in African drum rhythms and dances? This camp explores different African-based dances from Stepping to the Charleston and more. Kick up your heels and get down!


Making African Masks. Can you believe that is a milk jug?

What's your Story: A Workshop for Writers
This camp explores creative writing in all its forms and draw on the world around us to turn ideas, dreams, images, memories, and secrets into stories, poems, memoirs, and more. These students are encouraged to use their wildest imagination.

Sharing Work with the Group---
There are so many talented students!

Writing mentoring with the Morehead State creative writing Governor's Scholars,
high school seniors from throughout the state

Stay tuned for more pictures!


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