Friday, October 24, 2008

FFLN: Fall Festival

The Carnegie Center hosted another FFLN on Tuesday evening for 100 students and their families. It was so much fun! Thank you to all of our awesome volunteers for making it possible.

Here are some photos:

Some delicious air popped popcorn made by staff!

Tutoring coordinator, Fatimah, with one of the students!

A special thanks to the Arboretum
for their wonderful display and activities.

Painting pumpkins

Making a pine cone bird feeder


Don't liter!

Our favorite CCLL Instructor and volunteer, Esther, and her husband, Jared enjoying the yummy dinner. Thanks Stella's---everyone loved the soup!

Delicious caramel apples

Evan's Orchard apple cider. Thank you for your donation!

Thanks to Bluegrass PRIDE for a very fun display and table of activities.

After all of that, we were just exhausted!

For more information about the next FFLN, Celebrate Culture Night, please give us a call 859.254.4175. Remember to reserve your space early, as pre-registration is required.


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