Friday, August 14, 2009

Carnegie Center Partner Launches Website

The Carnegie Center is excited to announce the Lexington Film League's new website. Check it out here!

The Lexington Film League is partnering with the Carnegie Center this fall with great class offerings.

Little Movies
Sarah Wylie Ammerman

Saturdays, September 12-October 3
We will use the latest cinematic tools - cell phones, digital still cameras, and palmcorders - for hands-on training of the basics of movie-making through frame composition, storyline continuity, and web publishing. You’ll soon be able to make movies any time, anywhere. Bring all your own var ious pos s ible video cameras to the class, but if you don’t have any we’ll fit you up. FILM SCREENING Saturday Oct. 3 at 1:30 pm; open to the public.

The Production of Identity: A Cinematic Exploration
Michael Dean Benton

Mondays, November 2-23
Our understanding of the possibilities and limits of identity will be explored through our viewing and discussion of unique examples of world cinema. This course will include discussion and screening of films that deal with violence and sexuality.
Note: Due to the graphic content of this class, it is intended for mature participants only.

Independent Film and Contemporary Literature
Hannah LeGris & Yury Metelski

Thursdays, September 17-December 3
Come together with a dynamic group of your peers to watch interesting films and read stimulating works by contemporary authors, followed by thought-provoking discussion! The book and film list is open to direction from group members. Those in the class are encouraged to contribute to the list throughout the duration of the class, and to facilitate discussions about the books and films of their choice.

Call today to reserve your space in these classes or register here.

Congratulations, LFL!


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