Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Writers Needed

The Living Arts & Science Center is preparing for their annual Day of the Dead Festival. This year, we will be holding a Calaveras exhibit in our gallery and would like to invite writers, specifically poets, to participate in the exhibit in addition to visual artists.

Recordamos (We Remember) --
an exhibition of Calaveras for the 2009 Day of the Dead Festival

The 2009 Day of the Dead Festival exhibition will focus on calaveras (skeletons or skulls), a traditional symbol of the holiday, first popularized by Mexican artist, José Guadalupe Posada, in the late 1800’s. His hand printed illustrations depicted skeletons dressed in contemporary clothes and placed in scenes that portrayed the lives and souls of everyday citizens. Humorous and satirical verse was also used to create mock “obituaries” of well known figures—even some who were still living. The poetic calaveras are often referred to as “retaliation against those who would always win while alive.” Today, la calavera has evolved into a widely practiced artform, using two- and three-dimensional skeletons and writings to depict the living as well as the dearly departed.

For more information of how you can be a part of this exhibit, contact Heather Lyons at hlyons@lasclex.org.


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