Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We need your help!

Hey Readers,

We want your help! As you can see, we have given the blog a new look, but we would like to make it more accessible, interactive and fun..

If you could take a few minutes to answer some questions or throw out suggestions, that would be wonderful.

  1. How did you first discover the blog?
  2. Do you like the new look?
  3. As either a regular Carnegie patron or as someone has never visited the Center, what information would you like to see on the blog?

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to bookmark this page or "Follow" us on Blogspot!

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Katherine, CCLL Office Manager & Resident Blogger

Fatimah, CCLL Tutoring Coordinator & Twitter Master

1 comment:

roger_leejr said...

I had made a longer comment, but unfortunately Google wiped it out in my registration. I just wanted to compliment your blog and your wonderful facility. I first learned of the Carnegie Center for Literacy by way of the book premiere held there by Katerina Klemer and fell in lov with the place, in fact with the whole neighborhood. Wonderful facility, I hope your mission can be known throughout central Kentucky. Thank you for a wonderful experience, and your website and blog express the specialness of character that is the Carnegie Center Center.

Roger Conner Jr.